Wednesday, April 25, 2007

My first Easter was ok. I think in future it will be much better once I'm old enough to get some chocolate. I was dressed up as the Easter bunny. The outfit had the largest floppiest ears since Dumbo flapped his way to the bigtime. But as you can see in this photo, I had mixed feelings about the whole thing.
Tita Lara and Tito Rene invited us over for dinner which was easily as classy as their "dip it in Chocolate" cocktail party before Christmas. It's nice because Mama, Papa and I got well-togged up.
I sported my new red dress and ate red pepper to match. The oldies all ate too much and by the end were on the floor holding their sides. Top scran.
We headed over to Amori's place the next day so she could have a go with the easter bunny costume. She loved it and wasn't afraid to show it.
Our Papas played FIFA football on the Xbox and drank beer while we played with all of Amori's cool toys. I look forward to future Easters, but I don't understand why you would keep eating until it hurts like Mama and Papa did again.
Old folks are strange.
Maya D-T
The San Francisco Connection

My friends from San Francisco came up a couple of weeks ago. I got to hang with Granny Annie the Neighbourhood Nannie while Mama and Papa scooted off to Guu... for a change. It was the first time I had let the olds scoot off together for a proper session. They came skulking back home early having invited everyone over to theirs for a party.
The next day Shawn came and gave us memorbale maniac moments such as her legendary "Hot-Dog-Dance". If you're ever in San Francsico Be sure to ask her to show you . She really brought out my inner-dudette.
That out fit my friends is 100% SanFran Flower-in-yer-hair-chic. I got to play with Tita Lara and Shanti... ...Shanti was really funny, and despite being utterly butterly, Shawn and I really bonded.
...and I got to drink tea with Tito Rene. We had so much fun we all got together the next day as well. Shawn and Shanti got me some uber-dudette leggings. Mama and Papa winced at the 80s retro until I showed them how well the rainbow ones went with my Ninja outfit.

Afterwards I got to practice my Ninja skills on Papa.

Peace, love 'n other SF stuff,
Missy Maya D-to-the-T

Sunday, April 08, 2007

First Foods

I'd like to continue the theme of firsts, such as it is being my first year around here.
I recently had my first taste of "solid" food. Apolgies for the extra punctuation there, but really "solid" is a pretty loose description of that mush the olds call food.

...oh ok then Papa.

...harumphh! I wasn't expecting that!
Apparently, now I eat these so-called "solids" I also have to brush my teeth, despite the fact I mostly just have gums except for the two tiny front teeth which came along a couple of weeks ago.

As you can imagine, I was not too sure what to do at first, but then I's not so bad and can be quite fun if you do it right.


Maya DT

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Papa and me.....

Papa deserves a shout-out too. Why? Well we have the same hair for starters. Mama thinks this photo of us blogging together is funny...

...He tells me all sorts of amazing things. Sometimes I listen and learn and other times I know he's just plain daft.
Oh my goodness, I hope having the same hair doesn't mean I'll be that grey too.
...He loves to play with my new MOMA building blocks from Rene and Lara's trip to San Francisco, building building building. I suppose they help him express himself as an architect.
...which just brings out my inner demolition every time.
...ah blesss. It's so easy to keep him entertained.



Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Beautiful Days with Mama

During the week Mama and me get to hang out and do cool things together. Amori and her Mama come over and sometimes we get to play with all our crazy toys; sometimes we just play Baby Tekken...
...and sometimes we play skill enhancing games, like...
...fishes; other times we play daft games like...
...pop-the-dummy. Thanks Mummy, I'll have that back.
The rest of the time we go for big walks... Here we are on an adventure race on the Seawall with Amori and her Mama.
As you can see, Amori was rooting around for some lost "Zeds" in the bottom of her wheels.
...Let's not forget all the great hugging sessions back at the ranch.
Life is beautiful.
Maya D~T

Monday, March 19, 2007

My First Beer

I was just sitting there in the trendy new Singaporean joint on Robson, near the library, rambling on about politics, philosophy, economics, wave-particle duality theory and stuff over a nice cold beer. Only this wasn't just any beer. This was my very first beer, so I wanted to get the full experience... ...and I realised something quite deep and profound about beer and the whole experience of drinking it... ....smells like Papa.

But remember kids -a word to the wise- don't drink and bounce:

...mmmm beer.... #!$%&* Hic!!

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Been Baby Bean Base Jumping... ...thought I'd liven this place up a bit with a game.
Games at - Base Jumping
Base Jumping

Base jump over 5 rounds to challenge the King.

Maya D~T Baby Bean Base Jumping Star

Maya D-T

Monday, March 12, 2007

Home schooling...

2007 has been productive so far. I am working my way through my first books. I mostly just chew the pages for now, but it all counts.

I have also been trying to get to grips with my alphabet abacus....

...and taking riding lessons, although riding a Mango cat bareback is a high risk I have settled for Cirque du Soleil training in my bouncynator...

Ma says I must get my bouncing skills from Papa... but there's definitely some of Mama in me when I tire myself out.


Maya D+T